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Since 2004 each seminar have been followed by a publication edited by the host institution. The volumes collect contributions from guest speakers and the best student papers. All articles have been peer reviewed by two members of the Hermes Consortium.



Context in Literary and Cultural Studies

Edited by Jakob Ladegaard and Jakob Gaardbo Nielsen

216 pages. UCL Press, 2019


Reading Today

Edited by Heta Pyrhönen and Janna Kantola

210 pages. UCL Press, 2018


Contemporary Developments in Emergent Literatures and the New Europe

Edited by César Domínguez and Manus O'Dwyer

291 pages. USC Editoria, 2014


Travelling Concepts, Metaphors, and Narratives: Literary and Cultural Studies in an Age of Interdisciplinary Research

Edited by Sibylle Baumbach, Beatrice Michaels and Ansgar Nünning

274 pages. WT Trier, 2012


World Literature and World Culture

Edited by Karen-Margrethe Simonsen and Jacob Stougaard-Nielsen

283 pages. Aarhus University Press, 2008


Re-Thinking Europe: Literature and (Trans)National Identity
Edited by Nele Bemong, Mirjam Truwant, and Pieter Vermeulen

268 pages. Rodopi, 2008


Stories and Portraits of the Self

Edited by Helena Buescu, and João Ferreira Duarte

332 pages. Rodopi, 2007



Literature and Memory: Theoretical Paradigms, Genres, Functions

Edited by Ansgar Nünning, Marion Gymnich, and Roy Sommer

332 pages. Francke Verlag, 2006